Keep an alligators mouth shut dream

This dream seems ridiculous if you read it literally. The dream focuses on the phrase "keep its mouth shut" and the dreamer had been thinking "I need to keep my mouth shut."

THE DREAM I am in a house. An alligator is in the bathroom and comes charging through. I am thinking of how to beat the alligator and think that the only way to save my life is to make sure it keeps its mouth closed.

The previous night the dreamer had been thinking about a woman he was attracted to. He had come up with the idea of saying something to her. He wanted to write an email to her explaining his feelings. This was obviously a high risk strategy. He woke up thinking better and feeling that he should keep his mouth shut.

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The dream has the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. The dreamer concentrated on the phrase "keeping its mouth closed." He associated this with his own need to keep his own mouth closed. He was wanting to say something to a woman he was attracted to which was very intimate.
2. Alligators can be symbolic of situations that we fear. A situation that we cannot handle.

DREAM ANALYSIS Since the dreamer was only thinking about one thing the night before then its fair to assume that the dream could be about this. Its certainly worth testing it out. The dream seems to deal with the following themes

- A need to keep the mouth shut.
- A need to avoid a potentially difficult situation

If we weave together this together with the real life situation we find that the dream could capture these real life thoughts surrounding this issue - "I keep having these ideas of telling her exactly how I feel but it would probably cause massive problems. I should try to avoid danger and just keep my mouth shut. Otherwise the consequences might be terrible!"

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