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Dream of an aggressive border collie

Ask yourself "who does the aggressive dog" reresent? For this dreamer it was easy as he had wanted to distance himself from a woman who was constantly causing arguments.

THE DREAM I was on a railway line. Suddenly this accident was occurring. Because of the confined space I was unable to escape this. Later I am watching Border Collies. They were aggressive and fighting with each other.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer received a voice mail from a co-worker who appeared very angry. The co-worker had a tendency to be nasty minded. She had gone back on her word to give a bike to the dreamer who now simply wanted to cut himself off from her. The dreamer had faced a lot of tension just recently. The working environment was very confined.

THE INTERPRETATION Arguments and tension can cause many dreams. A surly voice mail from a friend the previous evening undoubtedly caused this dream. But how do the symbols work?

The dreamer worked in a small office. The atmosphere could be very friendly yet if problems occurred(the crash represents this argument) then this was rather a confined and difficult environment.

The previous week the dreamer was walking with some friends in the countryside. They spotted two Border Collies who were aggressively barking and at one point started biting each other. One of the group said that they used to like Border Collies but this aggressive scene was really putting them off. This captured the dreamers own feelings about what had just happened - he used to like this co-worker but was really put off by her unnecessarily aggressive behavior.

Dream dictionary Meanings
AGGRESSIVE BORDER COLLIES : "These aggressive dogs represented the gossiping and bickering co-worker"
RAILWAY : "The dreamer was unable to escape a group of gossiping co-workers. The railway was similarly confined trapping the dreamer."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate all this bickering. She has gone back on her word and has caused a lot of tension. This is getting to be a regular occurrence. I cannot escape her and her gossiping and bickering friends "

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to capture the dreamers emotions concerning this argument

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