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Kate Winslet dream in doctors basement - dream interpretation

The day before this dream the dreamer was accused of being frigid by her husband. Since this was on her mind look for evidence of this in the dream. Perhaps the mechanical parts in the dream are symbols for frigidity. The Amish people could also be a symbol as they are very conservative.

THE DREAM I had these metal parts. Everywhere. My head, my arms, my legs. Just metal and cogs and wires. I was in a doctor's basement office and I thought I was an experiment of his. I could remember being human. I wondered how I got to be inside this metal body. I looked down and my foot was missing. I looked over behind a desk and there it was. I said "come here" and it hopped over to me. I set my ankle down inside it and it clicked. I walked across the room. My feet were really big and heavy and I figured that was to counterbalance my heavy mechanical parts. I wanted to escape from the metal body and the doctor's basement. And suddenly I was outside in a parking lot and I was human again. But still not myself.

I had a British accent (it sounded very much like Kate Winslet. I remember wondering why I had Kate Winslet's voice. I mean she is a beautiful, talented, articulate woman but she's not me and I'm not her. Yet I had her voice.

Someone handed me a bag of clothes. I opened them up to find a very granny like nightgown and dress. I asked if these were for the Amish and whoever it was that handed them to me said that they were for me and to keep my voice down. I shoved the clothes back into the bag and said no thanks. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in a troubled marriage. She had been accused of being frigid by her husband and it was maybe true as she had lost all feelings towards him. The previous week they had had a show down and she stood up to him. Things are still automatic and numb.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer did feel as if things had become rather mechanical in her marriage. She felt that her marriage was stuck in a rut. The marriage just plods on - but its not really going anywhere.

The dream shows her being assertive. This mirrors real life in which she stood up to her husband. She was not willing to accept what he said about her being frigid in bed. So that's why she throws back the matronly clothes and says no thanks. She understands that on the surface that may be true but its only because of the problems with the relationship.

Doctors are often symbols of us asking ourselves intrusive and challenging questions. We give ourselves an honest and thorough examination. A doctor is thorough so these are often dream about reflection. As we have time to think we look more objectively and honestly at our situation.

Basements too are quite predictable symbols. They link to issues over which we have bottled up our fears. They are hidden and bad feelings. They are about us understanding our own negative sides. So in this case the dreamer is exploring what negative feelings she has and trying to understand her own situation.

Symbolic Meanings
AMISH : "associates with frigidity and not enjoying sex"
BASEMENT : "strong negative feelings - repressed sexuality "
CLOTHES : "how others see us"
DOCTOR : "asking yourself some honest questions"
MECHANICAL : "just going through the motions - not really meaning it"
OFFICE : "organise your thoughts - thinking through what her husband said"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My husband accused me of being frigid. I have been thinking about that and I know deep down that any sexual problems are caused by him. I do not know if its a healthy relationship. I do not know if its worth trying again. The marriage seems to stop and start."

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