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Dream symbols - child in tantrum crying

THE DREAM I was with a woman. There was this child crying and it seemed to be having a tantrum. The woman was trying to distract it.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had his feelings hurt by a woman. He had been realizing how immature he had acted. He recognized that he had become obsessed about her and needed to distract his mind.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to recent thoughts. So in this case the best strategy to discover the dreams meaning is to think what the child's tantrum represents. In this case there was an obvious answer. The day before the dreamer had realized how his own behavior was like that of a small child. He had fallen in love with a woman and could not get his own way. The distraction in the dream(where the woman distracts the child) represents his own need to distract himself. He had realized how obsessed he had become.

Dream Symbols
TANTRUM : "The dreamer realized that he was behaving like a small child who could not get what he wanted."
DISTRACT : "The dreamer realized that he needed to distract himself. He was heart broken but had to think of ways to take his mind off things."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realize that I am acting like a small child having a tantrum. She will not have a relationship with me. I feel really hurt. I have got to occupy myself and distract myself"

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