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Basement and sewer dream symbols

Dreams will often reflect important emotions in our real lives. This dreamer had been thinking "why should I bother" and the dream seems to hint at similar feelings.

THE DREAM I had just got a new job in a town near my home town, I can remember feeling nervous about going there, the job was in a shoe shop, I went into the shop and was told to go downstairs into the basement where all the shoes were kept, I got down there and there was thousands of boxes and there was a little river, some of the boxes were floating down the river, I cant really describe this next part, but the river kind of joined onto another river, kind of like a sewer. I don't know why, but as soon as I saw the boxes floating down the river, I instantly knew I was never going to leave that place, I was going to die there, I was terrified but the next thing I knew I had been sent over to some kind of office for something, and I saw a girl I used to go to school with, she told me it was good to see me and that we should get together for a night out, then I saw another girl I went to school with and she basically said the same thing and all I can remember thinking is 'well I cant do anything with my old friends, because I'm going to be dead'.

THE REALITY The dreamer has a project going at the minute. But she feels like she is the only one putting any time and effort into it. She was starting to wonder why she should bother. She also feels that her family have no faith in her and think her project is stupid. But the project means a lot to her and she wishes to succeed with or without their support.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Basements are one of the most reliable symbols in dream . They will link to some form of bad feelings. So simply think of the most important source of bad feeling in your life at the moment. In this case the dreamer had an obvious source of bad feelings. She was trying to push a project but was not getting support.

Shoes in dream are a symbol of direction. In this case the dreamer had a clear idea about what she wanted to achieve and was enthusiastic in the energy she was devoting to this.

This dream takes place in a shoe shop and shops are symbols of the opportunities and options we have. But here the dreamer is doing the selling. Selling is perhaps symbolic of her wish to convince(sell) her thoughts about the project she was involved in. Yet she was not getting any support.

Rivers are strong symbols in dream . The symbolise the energy devoted and momentum of some project. Perhaps the small stream symbolises the lack of support she was getting. In turn this turns into a sewer which cannot be a very positive symbol.

Dream Symbols
BASEMENT : "the dreamers is building up a sense of resentment because of a lack of support"
FRIEND : "your ideal situation - something you feel positive about"
OFFICE : "organising your own thoughts - a moment of reflection"
RIVER : "the lack of momentum in her project and lack of support"
SELL(working in shop) : "trying to convince the people around her"
SEWER : "the dreamers energy is now been diverted into the lack of support"
SHOE : "a symbol of direction and purpose "
SHOP : "The dreamers own options"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This project is important to me. But I feel like I am getting no support"

The various symbolic meanings represent the dreamers key feelings and insights about her work

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