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Dream symbols - choice of two different meals

This dream is about a "choice." In real life we constantly face choices. The day before the dreamer had to make a "choice" and so the dream seems to play out some emotions regarding this choice.

THE DREAM - I am in a restaurant serving up some meal. There appears to be two choices. I have to choose one of the two dishes. I served something up and heard this voice say WOOOOW

THE REALITY The dreamer had been encouraged to watch a program on TV by his boss. This was a serious documentary by Michael Moore. The dreamer agreed to this but then realised there was a program on Kate Moss the model.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had never been a big fan of Michael Moore who made the documentary Fahrenheit 9-11. His boss was though and in an attempt to placate his boss agreed to watch the program and at least listen to the arguments. However, the program clashed with another program. The program it clashed with was a documentary on the Super model Kate Moss. The dreamer was a big fan of hers and ended up watching that. However, it then left the dreamer with the unenviable task of telling his boss that he had ignored this serious documentary to watch a program on some super model. So in the dream the two choices represent the two dishes. Food in dreams is often associated with ideas which feed the mind. The WOW reminded the dreamer of the way his boss was inspired by the ideas of Michael Moore.

Dream Symbols
DISHES : "the dreamer was presented with two programs and found one more interesting(tasty) than the other"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I promised my boss that I would watch Fahrenheit 9-11 as he is a big fan of Michael Moore. But there was a documentary on at the same time on Kate Moss the model. I ended up watching Kate Moss. I am sure this will cause a major talking point tomorrow".

See how the symbolic meanings link with dilemma in the dreamers mind the night before

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