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Dream interpretation - feeling sad

THE DREAM I am walking down a road. It is near where my ex boyfriend used to live. I wake up with a feeling of sadness.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not really been thinking about her ex boyfriend recently. The area she was walking along was a path she used to take. When she split up she missed her ex she would walk near to where he lived in hope of bumping into him. Recently she had been feeling the same sadness because she had broken up with a group of friends. She now missed them.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams above all capture emotions. The road in the dream was charged with meaning for the dreamer. She associated this with the feelings of being lost when she split up with her old boyfriend.

Dreams will often take symbols from the past and use them to express current emotions. Here she is now regretting an argument she had with a group of friends. On the day of this dream she was just starting to realise how much she missed them.

So the dream pulled up one situation from the past and deep down it shows that she was feeling that exact same feeling now.

Symbolic Meanings
ROAD NEAR EX : "This area reminded her of the way she missed her ex boyfriend and constantly tried to walk past where he lived in hope of seeing him and getting back together"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really miss my old friends. I kind of feel the same way I felt when I split with my old boyfriend. I just feel lost. I feel it especially now. At first when I had an argument with my friends I did not miss them but now I feel empty and lost. Its just started to hit me"

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