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Dream - pay the bill

THE DREAM - No one wants to get their money out - There seemed to be some kind of competition. We were waiting until someone would pay the bill.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had made some bitchy comments. The dreamers friend joined in and they competed in making bitchy comments. In real life they had no reason to bitch as they had much to fault in their own lives. They were both penniless and at the bottom of pile. Both were last to get their money out to pay the bill.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams pass judgement on the dreamer and they can be an extremely harsh judge. This dream was passing judgement on his own and his friends behaviour the night before. The portion of the dream where "We were waiting until someone would pay the bill" was particularly telling and made the dreamer think of himself and his friend. It was like the dreamer was thinking "you have no reason to talk" and "so you are so perfect."

The competition in the dream also seemed relevant this meaning. Both the dreamer and his friend seemed to be competing to see who could be the biggest bitch.

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