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Ghost of dead grandmother dream interpretation

THE DREAM (background info : my granddads wife just passed away, I know her but haven't seen her in years, I was sad to learn of the news and was sad in missing the funeral as I'm in a different country)

I was in a room doing something with my hands (in a sink I think) she appears in front of the door, I turn to look, she is smiling, as she comes closer she is happy and I realize its her, I panic and say to myself "Denise, my god, but your dead Oh MY GOD it is you, you've come to visit me in my dream , your here oh my god " I scared the dream away, kinda woke up but didn't.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had really guilty feelings from "hoping" what that her granddad wife had left her money in her will as she could really use the cash. She felt felt so horrible for thinking that.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its often difficult to know what to say about dream with deceased people in. Its almost impossible to prove life after death. We cannot truly know if a dream is linked to our own emotions or is some telepathic message coming from another dimension.

But the day before the dream this dreamer was feeling strong guilt. She was thinking of what she may receive in the will and was feeling awful for this. It could show that her granny was forgiving her for this weakness. But it is more likely to be symbolic of the dreamer coming to terms with her own guilt. The fact that she felt such guilt meant that she had to come to terms with it and see her feelings in a more positive light. We all cannot help our little weaknesses in this case the dreamer was her own worst judge. She realised that this woman had died. This was the end of this woman's life and that was truly serious. She at that moment was treating this death with the respect that it deserved.

In her dream the dreamer realise that the memory of her granddad wife was alive in her mind. That's why she was smiling. Its a positive dream and shows that any guilt she felt was natural and forgiven.

Perhaps the sink symbolises how the dreamer was needing to wash away the guilt and cleanse her emotions.

Symbolic Meanings
SINK : "cleaning away the bad feelings and guilt felt because her immediate feeling was for money"
SMILE : "the dreamer feels absolved and freed from the guilt she felt"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel guilty because my granddad's wife has just died. I immediately wondered if any money would be left to me as we are short of money right now. "

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key moment of guilt

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