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Dream symbols - guards guns and earthquake

An eathquake dream took place just after the dreamers friend behaved in a very different way. Try to see what is the symbolism of this

THE DREAM It started with me seeing the ground looking like a major earthquake happened, but it was soaked with blood. The sky was a crimson red than I saw one of my friends surrounded by three guards in camouflage. One on his left, one behind him, and one circling him. Then I saw him fall to the ground pleading for his life. The guard circling him stopped right in front of him and pulled the gun off him back and clicked it and aimed.

THE REALITY The dreamers friend had recently changed a great deal becoming very politically conscious. He had even started a group called the Human Rights Association

THE INTERPRETATION The key to this dream is the earthquake. The ground is a symbol of the fixed and stable things in your life. An earthquake symbolises a total change in the way that we see some relationship or situation in our lives. For years you may see somebody as an interesting and trusted friend who you can depend on. Then suddenly things change. It feels like an earthquake has happened.

This dream symbolises the dreamers sudden change in perception of her friend. He has ceased to be the trusted and reliable person. He has become politically active and these changes have created barriers between them. The guards in the dream symbolise how he is always on guard - not open and honest. He has become ideological and controlling. The ideas are out of hand though - getting in the way of friendships.

The number three is often an indicator of something over which there is freedom of will. The dreamers friend has the right to act one way and the right to act another. He can make his own choices. The dream probably links with the dreamers frustration at this freedom to act in a new way. She realises she will have to accept this however much she regrets and dislikes the change in him.

The sky is featured in the dream. The land often symbolises conscious reality, the sea your feelings and the sky may symbolise things which could happen in the near future. Maybe this dream shows that the dreamer is able to change quite dramatically - there is the constant feeling that he may become defensive and ideological and then start to target the dreamer.

Dream Symbols
EARTHQUAKE : A total change in your perception of day to day reality
GUARD : "the dreamers friend is very defensive - hiding behind his ideologies"
GUN : "something is being targeted and focused on"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I cannot seem to get close to my friend any more. He has changed totally. I cannot talk to him about real issues as all he wants to talk about is politics and human rights"

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key insight that the dreamer had about her friends recent behavior

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