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Helicopter and Orlando Bloom dream interpreted

THE DREAM I am at a roundabout. Suddenly I see a helicopter. Orlando Bloom is in the helicopter.

THE REALITY A temporary standstill in one part of the dreamers life allowed him to devote more time to other interests. This thought was on the dreamers mind the night before.

DREAM INTERPRETED The helicopter linked to the dreamer wishing to get some new interests off the ground. The name of the celebrity was a play on words. The name Orlando Bloom was a very bad synonym - "alternative land is blooming". Or is a word which suggests a priority. So the dream is about one thing taking priority over another.

The roundabout was symbolic of a junction and hence a turning point. A junction is where your life turns one way rather than another. Its a simple metaphor

Symbolic Meanings
HELICOPTER : "getting something off the ground - the dreamer is off work due to illness so has time to devote to other things"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well my illness means I can devote time to other things"

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