Miss plane flight - dream analysis

If you are about to go on a journey then you may have dreams of delays and problems. That makes sense really as dreams are about your fears. Its sensible to fear losing your passport as that would really mess up your life.

THE DREAM I keep having this reoccurring dream where I am in an airport, and I am constantly worried about missing my flight. I get sent from counter to counter, then get lost, then end up somewhere totally different always worrying that I'm going to be late. The last one I had, I was at the counter, then they sent me to immigration, then to buy the ticket, then to return the rent car. Eventually I wanted to draw cash from the ATM machine, and my credit card was made out of cupboard and was wet. Its a variation of the dream, different airports, different situations.

THE REALITY The dreams often occur when the dreamer is about to go on a journey. This time he was stuck waiting for a visa.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams which take place in railway stations or airports may link to real journeys. So if you are dealing with problems in real life with a journey or you are having to plan for travel arrangements then that's simply the meaning. The dream reflects your real life. Its vitally important to get such arrangements correct.

Symbolic Meanings
AIRPORT : "the dreamer is in real life planning a plane journey and needs to get everything organised"
IMMIGRATION : "a real life need to sort out visas"

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