Dream analysis - witnessing couple having sex

See how this dream depicts the feeling "I heard my neighbours having sex and it made me feel very dejected at my own love life."

THE DREAM I was in bed. I was aware that a couple were having sex. I was being tossed about as if I was there with them. I felt totally dejected and cold.

THE REALITY Just before going to sleep the dreamer heard his next door neighbors. The walls were very thin. He thought they were just about to have sex. They got into a small argument though. The dreamer was also feeling entirely dejected as he had been rejected by this woman he had enormous feelings for. She was already in a relationship and this made him feel extremely jealous – he could not bear the thought of them having sex.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can often be affected by little things that set off certain emotions within us. Just before sleep the dreamer was thinking he would have to hear the next door neighbors having sex whilst he was feeling utterly dejected. He was starting to feel totally dejected as the woman he had feelings for was already in a relationship. His thoughts were of extreme jealousy as he thought about them having sex.

The dream is very much emotional in nature as it captures that sense of dejection which had been triggered off by a real life incident. In truth the neighbors never had sex but the situation had affected the dreamer in that it had set off a thought. Thinking about his neighbors enjoying sexual intimacy reminded him of how much he wanted to be intimate with this woman.

Symbolic Meanings
DEJECTED : “The dreamer felt utterly dejected in real life and a similar situation had just reminded him of his deep jealousy”

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - am sure the next door neighbors were about to have sex just as I was falling asleep. The thought of them having sex reminds me of the jealousy I feel for this woman and her boyfriend. I cannot bear to think of them having sex.”

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