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Dream - screaming at snake and knife

Try to think of how dreams can link to real life problems. This snake dream seems a metaphor for the dreamers fears about his mother.

THE DREAM In the dream, I saw that we were taking a road trip to Turkey. And then the scene changed. We were crawling in this really tight place. It was like a sandy, muddy ground, and there was very little room to move around. I had my cousin, sister, and a few other people that I don't remember. I'm not even sure if my cousin and sister were there or not. All I remember is, suddenly a snake came on top of me, and I started screaming and throwing it off of me. I was scared, but not that much. I was successful in throwing it off of me in the first try. Then we all started crawling out from that place quickly before the snake came. He then swallowed a baby! Out of nowhere, there was this baby. Now, in the dream, I didn't see the baby's face, but I had a feeling it was my cousin's daughter (not the cousin in the dream, another one). Thing is, the baby was much too young to be my neice, bcuz she's older. It felt like her though. The snake swallowed the baby, and I stabbed him with a knife. Then we cut open the throat, and took out the baby, who seemed to be alright, just a bit sticky and covered in the snake's saliva. The snake was green in colour with a yellow inner body.

I don't know why I saw my niece in the dream. Yes, I'm very attached to her and love her a lot. Oh and just when the dream was over, I saw a very happy, grinning face of my niece.

THE REALITY The dreamer fears that he will lose his mother because she is getting very weak and has diabetes and blood pressure. And she has had a haemorrhage in her eye for the 6th time. He was crying a few hours before going to bed, thinking about her.

THE INTERPRETATION If something major happens the night before a dream then this will almost certainly cause a dream. This dream happened the night after he had cried for six hours worrying about his mothers increasingly frail state. That's not an event in the real sense of the word. Yet in the mind this was a major event which was very real in terms of emotions. It defined how he felt about his mother. It showed his attachment to her. This almost certainly triggered this dream.

The snake is easy to interpret. It represents the simple fear that death could take his mother away from him. Yet the dream does end positively. That's more important. The dreamer does his best to save the child. That shows how much the dreamer will do anything for his mother.

The niece is a symbol of his mothers increasing frailty. She is like a baby - vulnerable and needs protecting. The niece is also a symbol of the family. Dreams can be premonitions. But really this dream is almost certainly triggered by those thoughts the day before. A six hour crying session really will trigger a dream. So this dream almost certainly represents the thoughts floating about in his own head. The dream ends well so it probably shows that he is aware of her frailty yet is also aware that he is possibly exaggerating those fears. But it does show the importance of family to him.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "His increasingly frail mother - like an innocent and helpless child"
KNIFE : "Getting highly involed in this situation. Feeling highly emotional"
SNAKE : "Worries that his mother may suddenly be STRUCK by illness and death"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that my mother is getting older. I fear that I will lose her. I cried for ages last night. Yet maybe I am getting carried away. Maybe I should take this as an opportunity to make the most of the time I do have left with her. I am sure that we will have plenty of good family times left"

See how the dreams symbolic meanings build up into a complex set of thoughts forming in the dreamers own mind. A need to accept his mothers increasingly frail state but also a realisation that he was exaggerating the immediate threat to her life.

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