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Sea waves and sound files - dream interpretation

This dreamer was feeling very emotional at the time of the dream. Try to spot symbols which could symbolise emotional swings

THE DREAM I was in a room with some people I know from the Internet. I saw a message written in blue flickering symbols on a black screen. The symbols were very bright and flickered like lightning. I looked at it for a while and realized it was an equation, with like an equal sign in the middle. On either side were symbols most of which I didn't understand. On the left side were 2 symbols that stood out because as well as flickering they also moved, the first was like electricity, the second was like watching a wave (sound byte file - you know what they look like in editors and stuff). then the last symbol also stood out. It looked like lightning I think and it meant "now you are free".

Then a person on the chat room made me a video of the symbols. There were 3 waves of water, he made them very beautiful and deep blue/turquoise, like some really nice painting, they were towering over this guy in the boat. It was like a grey sea-doo. The guy was driving it away from the waves, and as he passed me I saw him pretty clearly. He had grey hair and a streaming grey beard. Looked pretty cool.

Then there were other boats on the water, like pods. They were kind of scattered, but then they all joined up to form a barge of sorts. The first guys sea-doo turned into a pod and joined them at the head of the barge/ship. They were going somewhere, I don't where. Then as they were going there was this other ship with like a big laser cannon and it started shooting at the barge. It was more powerful and had better weapons and I kind of gave up hope, the barge would get destroyed.

THE REALITY The dreamer was experiencing weird moods swings. Though she was very physically tired. She was experiencing a lot of emotions in traffic and at work. She was getting frustrated at simple things.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was experiencing strange moods and emotions. This is rather an abstract dream about the moods rather than the specific situations in her life.

The dream features the Equals sign and the music computer wave file. The wave file is by its nature up and down. The Equals then is about an Equilibrium - bringing things into balance. So already we have a connection about bringing things into balance.

Waves : Huge waves in dreams often refer to issues over which are involving our minds. They can symbolise changeable opinions or changes in your feelings. They may link to opinions based upon your feelings rather than on rational thought. Therefore these are likely to be very changeable by their very nature.

Laser weapons are symbols of an intense targeted of certain things. It shows that the dreamer is focused on something and maybe in a negative way. This could easily link to the dreamer negative moods and frustrations during traffic and at work.

Symbolic Meanings
ELECTRIC : "your own energy levels and general vitality"
WAVE FILE : "great mood swings - a need to find an equilibrium in your emotions"
WAVE : "powerful forces within you - great moves in your feelings"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I have been experiencing strange moods recently. I have really been frustrated over simple things."

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