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Red skies and sex with boy - dream interpretation

This dreamer was really attracted to the man in the dream. Maybe this dream helped the dreamer see her true feelings for him? Maybe this was a telepathic dream or premonition?

THE DREAM I dreamt of me and a boy having sex and the sky was red.

THE REALITY later in reality he became the dreamers boyfriend and she lost her virginity with him.

THE INTERPRETATION It is certainly possible to see this dream as a premonition. Of course its possible it was not. The dream would be fairly literal if such was the case. Its easy to misinterpret such dreams as we may have lots of dreams about people we are in love with.

The sky does however link as a symbol of the future. It may symbolise the things which are uncertain in our lives. The land basically symbolises our day to day reality, the sea symbolises our feelings and the sky can link to things which are uncertain and which may happen in the future.

Its certainly possible to see this dream either as a premonition but equally it may be a simple dream symbolising our wishes for the future.

Symbolic Meaning
RED : "male emotions sudden and immediate - passion"
SKY : "anticipating change in the near future - seeing things happen in your mind"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really fancy the guy in this dream. I think it was actually a premonition of when I lost my virginity to him"

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