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Little brother dies - dream symbolism

THE DREAM - I dreamed that my cousin(the one who is getting married), her brother, my little brother, and 2 of my little cousins(they are girls, and age from 3-5 years old). They all decided to go on a horse ride. So they got on a horse carriage. I think it was a white horse, but there was no guide inside the carriage. The horse was all by itself. From the moment they got in I had a very bad feeling. I told my older brother that we should follow them with his car because I don't feel safe about this whole thing. So we start following them, the horse was running crazy, and acting weird. All of a sudden it turned into a street, and we lost them. A few hours later we went to the place where we had got the horse from, and staff looked really upset. They started by telling us that my 2 little cousin were no longer alive, I asked them about my brother, and they said he was gone too. I love my brother, and this was horrifying . They said my cousin(the one who was getting married) was unidentifiable. Her brother was alive, but badly hurt. I was crying in my dream.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer was stressed out due to poor exam results. But at the back of her mind was her horse. She had had to move him to a new stables. The charges at the old stable had become prohibitively expensive.

THE INTERPRETATION Its difficult to see exactly what has caused a dream. This dreamer had two issues which were causing her stress at the time - trying to find a new home for her horse and poor exam results. The dream includes a horse so it could easily be about her horse. It could easily be a stress dream about both issues. In getting poor exam results the dreamer felt she had let herself down. This was a loss equal to the loss in the dream. But really its best to see this as a stress dream caused by the two issues. Its an emotional dream which ends up with her crying.

Symbolic Meanings
HORSE:"Possibly a symbol for the dreamers own horse which she had been trying to find a new home for"
LITTLE BROTHER DIES:"The dream deals with people and things which are extremely important and precious to the dreamer"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been stressed out trying to find a new home for my horse. My horse is so dear to me. I was also stressed out by my exam results. "

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