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Guy goes gun crazy dream

Dreams play out various scenarios in real life in the form of fictional stories. It is interesting that this dream took place as the dreamer had just decided to give up on her boyfriend.

THE DREAMI was in my school. He was there and he pulled out a gun and started threatening to shoot everyone (This is not completely out there, he suffers from depression and he dislikes people. However in real life he would never do this, so don't worry, he's not completely psycho.) Then I was very afraid so I texted him. He received the text, I watched him read it, and then he responded by texting me back and telling me to not bother him. However I was persistent. Later on, he was outside (I don't really remember how we got out there) and there was a security guard watching him. I was standing there trying to convince him to stop this. Then my mom came out and tried to help him but he told me he didn't like her because she was still living in the year 1954 (In a previous dream a psychic told my mom to stop living in the past. However she was born in 1956, so it's odd.) Finally my mom and I went inside and decided to give up. But as I walked in the door I decided to text him one last time, the exact words of the text were "If you want to me stay with you, I will." and I sent it. Before sending I had the strongest feeling he would just reply with a "No." But I sent it anyway. At that moment I woke up. Never receiving one final answer from him.

THE REALITY The dreamer had known a guy for several months. She found him interesting and unlike any guy she had ever met. Although she was attracted to him she found him also frustrating in that she found his behavior inconsistent. Sometimes he seemed interested and others not interested. That very day she had decided to just give up on him. The stress of the relationship was just getting too much and it was easier to just give up.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams tend to link to the previous day or very recent events. If some important change in our thinking has just taken place then its very likely that this has triggered a dream. In this case the dreamer had come to a decision about her relationship with a man. The dream perfectly captures overall thoughts at the time.

The dream captures the dreamers connection and wish to understand the man in the dream. Her mother features in the dream because she brings out her caring side.

Yet in life we really do have to balance different feelings. She also finds him frustrating. If the relationship was to carry on like it was then she would find it too much. The way in which she gives up in the dream clearly mimics real life and that decision that day to just give up.

The dream does tend to indicate that she was really unsure still. It has conflicting signals in the dream. She felt that the one last text was symbolic of a meeting that she was having with him in a couple of days. In reality we have mixed and confused feelings. The emotions we have are actually complex and higher thinking. They are very sophisticated forms of thought. Computers cannot mimic there behavior. Yet emotions are still confused. Expect dreams to conflict with each other. Emotions and intuitions are often best described as a best guess. We have to come to a decision. Here the dreamers caring attitude towards this guy clearly now seem in opposition to another part of her personality. The part of her that simply had become too frustrated.

Symbolic Meanings
GIVE UP : This symbol does not require much interpreting. It clearly mimics her recent decision to just give up on her relationship with this guy. She doesn't care if he replies to her text because she is no longer interested. It is a symbolic representation of the feeling "I don't care what he says or thinks"
ONE LAST TEXT : The dreamer was due to meet this guy in just a couple of days. This was perhaps going to be the last chance she would give the relationship.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do find him interesting and I do have a connection with him. Yet his actions are so inconsistent and I find him difficult to read. I am not sure he is interested in me and right now I just want to give up. The stress of the relationship is just getting to me. I would rather just give up. But I am meeting him just one last time on Friday. Maybe I should wait and see. I do care for him and try to understand his more difficult side yet I just think its all getting too much for me."

See how the dreams symbols capture the dreamers emotions towards her boyfriend.

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