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Missing someone dream

DREAM - Missing someone? I don't remember is quite clearly but I was at her recent ex girlfriend's house and she was there, her ex girlfriend was there and a few other people I didn't know. I asked her where she was and that I missed her. I think she said something like "I've been out" then she smiled. She knew my birthday was coming soon, I could feel it. I thought she could read my feelings and sense that I wanted her to be there.. That

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I really missed her, for days. I don't know where she is right now and I don't if she forgot my birthday and just decided to disappear.

DREAM ANALYSIS: In dreams we often think about people. In this case the person has disappeared in real life. The dream simply represents some feelings going through the dreamers mind. He hopes she misses him and also believes that there is still a strong connection between them.

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