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Dream - dog cheetah and killing dream

This dreamers brother had only just recently died of cancer. This dream features a pet which had died. It shows that the dreamer is still thinking about this death. This dream was probably just an emotional dream.

THE DREAM - Well, in this dream, I am with my long time boyfriend (12 years) and our dogs in a house that looks kind of like my Moms house, but kind of like a cabin (we like to go to the mountains, but recently had a not so fun trip). We were sort of "fussing" at each other - turn down the TV, turn off the radio, stuff like that, but no big deal. It was not clear if we were living together, married, or vacationing (we do not live together). Our dogs kept coming in an out of the room; and I kept looking for Critter, my dog who died about a year ago, who I still miss a lot, but Coco, my new dog kept coming in (she is a cool dog). All of a sudden, a giant, 300 pound cheetah appeared in the doorway/porch. We looked at each other, and we understood that my boyfriend would take care of the dogs not getting hurt/eaten, and I would take care of the cheetah. The cheetah came in and we were sitting by each other on the couch, and I had to do what he said, or else! (we would get killed, I guess). So he said I had to roll an empty diet coke plastic bottle, so that it hit the opposing wall. So I did it, and I looked at the cheetah (who by the way, now looked like a walrus, but with cheetah spots). It seemed that it was O.K.

THE REALITY This dream was one month after the dreamers brother died of cancer (she was with him, as well as the rest of the family & his wife), and the dreamer was really upset that day. They had a dog Pebbles, who liked to chew the tops off of plastic water bottles (or diet coke). Since that day, the dreamer has had dreams almost every night. Help!

THE INTERPRETATION This dream came after the death of the dreamers brother. So it is obvious that she is going to dream in some way of him. The dream features the diet coke bottle that the dreamer associated with the dog from the day of her brothers death. So this dream in some way represents her feelings about the death.

The early part of the dream deals with an unhappy vacation. When someone dies we cannot relax properly and the fussing in the dream is perfectly typical of the emotions we feel. When someone dies we fuss over the death but in some way we do not really think about the death. We do not really deal with how we feel. No matter what anyone does it will not make things better.

Often dogs symbolise relationships - and in this case the missing dog would symbolise the loss of her brother. Dogs also represent wider things such as your faith in human nature and even just your faith in the world. When someone dies our faith in the world can be tested and that is maybe why the dream features this threat to the dogs.

Often people do not know what to do when someone dies. A dog does not understand the situation and merely continues playing. The way the dog acted on the day of the death managed to break don barriers. This for the dreamer was a very special moment. The way that dog played with the coke bottle. The bottle is rolled against a wall. That wall symbolised a barrier that was breached - somehow that moment brought people together.

When someone dies we have to work through every moment of the death. It helps us make sense. Death is difficult to deal with because it seems so senseless. How do we react? No one knows.

The cheetah in this dream transforms into a walrus. There is an old saying - that a cheetah never changes its spots. Perhaps that captured another moment in the death of her brother. Her boyfriend looked after the dog whilst she cared for her brother. The cheetah changes into a walrus. Perhaps this symbolises the way that her brother did transform towards the end - he was not the proud and strong creature. His appearance and emotions maybe changed but for the dreamer he was still her brother - he never changed right to the end.

For this dreamer the moment of her brothers death was extremely important. She played through the moment and captured every last sense of meaning from it. This is perfectly natural in death.

Symbolic Meanings
CHEETAH : "her brother was like a cheetah - strong and courageous"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It has been a month since my brother died of cancer. I think I have been thinking about it all. Particularly the end."

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