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Flying down river - dream interpretation

This dream was quite euphoric and its likely that it links to some very positive real life feelings.

THE DREAM I am flying down a river. Its a wonderful feeling of movement. I sweep down over boats and fly like a bird. I see factories. I then see Kathy who I know from college(she works there). She is a lot younger there. I also see the shipbuilding and the ferries. Its a nice dream with a feeling of elation.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been making friends with the local people at his college. He liked their down to earth nature and was starting to like them a lot.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often symbolic of new feelings developing in your mind. The dream featured some strong emotions so maybe its best to take this as a literal dream. The dream symbolised the way the dreamer was growing fond of the people around him. He was feeling connected with the earthy and working class people who had a good sense of humor.

Flying in dreams symbolises a sense of confidence within you and also strong connections with those around you. Shipbuilding and boats symbolise emotional connections and people able to communicate and feel "connected".

Symbolic Meanings
BOAT : "a sense of emotional connection with people around you"
FLY : "confidence and ability to adapt"
RIVER : "your energies devoted to some relationship"

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