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Saved from river dream

THE DREAM I was in some river and the currents were very fast. I was engulfed in this fast moving current and was overcome by it all. Suddenly I was saved and felt very thankful. It was really too much for me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was due to see her doctor the next day. She had become very tired and worn down by debilitating illness. The river in the dream was symbolic of her being overcome by poor health. Being saved was symbolic of her belief that her doctor might be able to help. She felt he was truly on her side and that even his sympathy was helping her.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If you are thinking about something that will happen the next day then you may dream about it in some way. This dreamer was due to see her doctor the next day and recently she had been very ill. She desperately needed help and she believed that the next day she would get this help. The fast moving river was a symbol for her illnesses which were becoming severe. Being saved was a symbol for this exact feeling "I believe in my doctor. I know he will help me tomorrow."

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