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Dream - time travel machine

Try to see how this dream links to the dreamers strong feelings as he woke up.

THE DREAM I had a dream of a time machine. It was a small black aluminium electrical box, no more than a foot wide, four inches tall and eight inches deep. It was scuffed and somewhat dented and showed a bit of age. On the front was a single knob just to the bottom left of centre.

Somehow, about five other people with similar machines located each other. Apparently I was the only one who had used the machine. Much of the dream took place in an old barn or in an alley of a busy city. It was difficult to determine as the background was quite hazy.

If I remember correctly, there were four women and one man, all in their 30's or 40's. They were all unhappy with their current situation and wanted to change things. I tried instructing them that regardless of the things they changed while travelling, they would remain the people they were. If they changed external events while time travelling, they would only change the environment around them, not themselves. So I repeatedly instructed them to enjoy the time machine but change as little as possible and to not expect it to change their situation or life. When I awoke, there was this general feeling of happiness and calm.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer was writing a blog about his childhood. His mind travelled back in time to a hunting trip. The dreamer had been seriously contemplating moving back to the mid west after living in Las Vegas for over ten years and thoroughly disliking the environment. Now due to divorce his plan to move back seemed feasible.

THE INTERPRETATION If you wake up with strong emotions then a dream will usually just be noting this new emotion. This dreamer was thinking about the past and it seems certain that his time machine represented his reminiscences as he travelled back in time to his own childhood.

The rest of the dream perhaps shows his own thoughts about moving back to the mid west. That he should not expect too much. Symbolic Meanings
TIME TRAVEL : "I was thinking about the past yesterday and a story when I went hunting"FEELING CALM : "Thinking about the past made left me feeling satisfied and happy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I wrote my blog yesterday and my mind travelled back to a hunting trip which almost ended badly. I want to move back to the midwest. But I should not expect too much from the move"

See how the dreams symbols the dreamers eemotional mood as he woke

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