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Beautiful fresh baby dream

Some dreams are about your emotions. These dreams will tend to fluctuate wildly (especially if you are prone to mood swings). One day you maybe wildly optimistic about some topic then the next day you maybe very down. These moods will filter through to your dreams.

THE DREAM - There was a young baby. It seemed to be coming to life. Part of its body seemed to be made of of robot parts. The baby started to smile and come to life. It was a beautiful scene.

1. Babies can be a symbol of emotions. They can link to a fresh new mood. The dreamer was developing as a person and becoming a lot more friendlier. He was recognising this change in himself.
2. Robots could link to robotic type behavior. The dreamer was aware of his own personality. He could be very serious and 'robotic'.
The dreamer was developing as a person just recently. He was aware of the major changes in his personality and the day before he recognised how he was really starting to develop as a person.

Emotional dreams can simply capture string emotional moods. The dreamer was very cheerful recently and was able to be more friendly with people around him.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seemed very much like an emotional dream. If a dream is highly emotional then it can reflect strong emotional moods.

Together the dream deals with the following themes.
- Developing and growing
- A fresh new mood (baby)
If you weave together the two themes and make the meaning relevant to the guesswork then it could have the following meaning: "I realise the changes in my personality. I am starting to develop as a person and becoming much more friendlier and less serious"

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