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A nice hot bath

This dreamer was able to link this dream to her general emotional state. She was feeling much more settled generally.

THE DREAM This was a one scene dream full of meaning to me.

In the dream I was in nicely hot bath with my mother and my favorite sister. My mother was between my sister and myself.

For me water refers to my emotions and I was so pleased to see the level of my emotions had reduced from the oceans and floods of my past to a bath full. This was a real benchmark dream for me.

The bath was not big enough for us all so we had sealed the bathroom door to stop the water flowing out and filled up the whole bathroom with warm water to neck height with us sitting up. We were al comfortable and relaxed. It looked like a Japanese style bath and we were whiling away the time soaking up the warmth and sharing the good company we were to each other.

I was closest to the taps and faucet. So I was able to control of the flow and temperature of the water. I knew this was my idea of peace in my time as a sat smiling with deep understanding that this was something I shared with my mother and sister.

Mum had enough first and we helped her up when the dream ended.

I really enjoyed this dream - it was so comforting.

Over the coming hours I reflected on what we all had in common at a deep emotional level. We had all lost children we dearly wanted during pregnancy and my sister and I shared the hard emotions around our mother's death.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I am making steady progress on my unfinished paperwork I have recently committed to and am so pleased. It has become clear to me in recent days what this paperwork means to me emotionally.

My paperwork represents my lost children. It is full of reminders of my hopes and dreams that came to nothing but tears and death.

Sorrow is heavy. For me my sorrow has been an ocean of emotion I was lost in for so long. Its nice to know I can now mange the flow of my emotions now - in this dream I have control of the water faucet now.

I have noticed I am singing emotionally intense songs without breaking down like I have had a habit of doing in the past. It's nice to feel in control of my emotional responses. I was very embarrassed by my loss of emotional control in the last few years so I am feeling very happy now.

Posted at January 30, 2012, 21:01 by iceberg rose (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED January 31, 2012, 16: 2: 15)
I am sure that people learn a great deal by reading your dreams. You have a wonderful insight. Many dreams simply reflect how you are RELATING to a particular issue or to life in general. In this case its about how you are RELATING to life in general ... more settled and able to see life in perspective. I hope you have more dreams like this

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