My boyfriend has died dream

If you wake up with some very strongly felt emotions then any dreams you had on waking are likely to link to these new feelings. The story in the dream will likely be a vehicle to express those emotions

THE DREAM My boyfriend of 4 years has died, and I am very upset about it, but I don't cry until I'm at his house looking through his closet. I find a shoe box filled with colored paper hearts and cards I have given him over the years. They are falling out of the box as I'm lifting it and I see the colors red and purple. (which explains a truth about myself- I can be into my thoughts but won't react to what's going on until I have a reason that provokes me, or an action such as a hug from someone that will force me into my feelings). I see myself on his brown couch, crying to someone while trying to explain that a death of a loved one is very different from a break up. There aren't any decisions made when death happens. I feel hopeless and frightened. I see his face in my mind; he is smiling, and he is wearing the same blue sweatshirt he was wearing last night. (Our group of friends met up for dinner and drinks. I remember enjoying his smile as he sat across from me at dinner and making a mental memory of it). I want to hug him and make all the bad memories go away, although I still don't know how he died. I see myself emailing his ex girlfriend from my blackberry; I write "Please call me." and give her my number. And I know I'm doing it because she loves him. (I know that I was too trusting with her in the past, which caused problems between us, but in this part of my dream I acknowledge that I have to put my personal feelings aside for now). Then I wake up crying.

GUESSWORK Emotional dreams are often easy to interpret. They feature some strong emotion that the dreamer felt the day before or some strong emotional feeling that the dreamer has on waking. The dreamer felt some strong emotions on waking. She realised how much she loved her boyfriend.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The following associations and dream symbolic meanings can be attached to this dream.
1. The dream was very emotional and the dreamer immediately thought of how much she thought of her boyfriend. She felt that you can only tell how much you love someone when they die. During the dream she felt - "I hope he knows how much I care and love him".

DREAM ANALYSIS Emotional dreams are often easy to interpret. If the dreamer feels strong emotions on waking then they will generally be connected to those. Emotions are actual quite complex feelings. Many animals do not really have emotions. Humans spend a lot of energy on their emotions.

This dreamer felt some strong emotions on waking and this makes the dream easy to interpret. One of the standard interpretations of death in dreams I give is to say how you can only truly tell how important a person is when they die. This dream takes the dreamer to a place where her boyfriend is dead so she realises how important he is. All the petty problems are set aside. The dreamer even shows sympathy to his ex girlfriend. She is setting aside petty problems and realising just how valuable he is and important he is to her. So the dreams meaning is easy to decipher. It simply captures the following feelings - "You can never truly tell how important someone is until they die. Then you realise how much you love them!".

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