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Dream - small alligator

THE DREAM - Alligators. I'm about to go into a apt. that kind of looks like its in the neighborhood I grew up in. I look to I'm the right and I see a small alligator but I'm not I'm scared and I walk on in then I wake up.....The I'm second dream I'm at the same apt and I see the same small alligator this time it seem like it was I'm going to attack I got scared tried to run fell looked over and seen a baby alligator feed on I'm some that look like a big hunk of meat or flesh. I'm A woman help me up but I don't know who she I'm was. I cross the side walk. Into the grass after I'm getting up and can see baby ones everywhere I'm then I woke up.

THE REALITYThe dreamer had been having financial problems for some time. She was also suffering from some health issues.

THE INTERPRETATION It is likely that these alligator dreams represent money and health issues. Dreams use symbols as metaphors and so an alligator could represent anything bad that is simply too much for you to handle. So it could be your minds way of saying "My money worries are out of control" or "I cannot handle this health problem". Here some of the alligators are not such a threat and so the dream is linked to the minds assessment of the exact level of danger. A small alligator is the minds way of saying "This bill is not such a big problem. I could delay paying it without difficulty." A large alligator is the minds way of saying "This bill is serious. They want their money now."

The dream could also be about health issues. Illness feeds on illness so the baby alligators could symbolise opportunistic illnesses.

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