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Stepping inside a cathedral and healing - dream dictionary meanings

This dream was a metaphor for the dreamers spiritual feelings. The cathedral was a symbol for her wider belief in herself and the lack of meaning to her life.

THE DREAM - I was standing outside a Cathedral where some kind of miracle healing was going on by a Bishop (he was specially invited for it as he was believed to be a miracle healer). I came to know of it by word of mouth in my dream. So, I was just contemplating that whether to enter or not, then I heard someone's voice telling me to enter the cathedral. It also said ' until you personally experience the healing yourself you wouldn't know if it is true or not, moreover you do seem to need healing'. So, I just walk in, then someone just embalmed my arms and the Bishop walked towards me smiling. Then he just kind of blessed me, the balm entered my bloodstream (as if I could really feel it running though my veins)and disappeared from my physical body. Soon, I started feeling good and happy from inside. It was as if I had started healing. Then I saw myself standing outside the Cathedral (all of a sudden) and to my surprise I realize that I am healed. Everyone looking at me could make out the difference.

THE REALITY In the days preceding this dream the dreamer was feeling very empty. She had a good career and loving family and felt truly blessed. But there was still a real sense of dissatisfaction in her heart. She was not spiritually fulfilled in some way.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often reflect key feelings in our lives. In real life this dreamer felt very empty and lacking in spiritual nourishment. The dream linked to these spiritual processes in her life. It was full of words which link to spirituality such as healer, belief, and bloodstream. Dreams which are very emotional are often very simple to interpret. They simply mimic real life emotions that have appeared - often the day before. So these very strongly felt reflections on her life are represented by this dream.

The cathedral often refers not to organised religion or beliefs but to personal thoughts and beliefs. A cathedral is a place of great ideas and beliefs. Here we enter our spiritual selves. The dream shows the dreamer entering into a new spiritual side. She has not found an answer but in asking the questions she has begun a process of healing. She is addressing some lack of belief and meaning in her life. She has not found an answer but in asking the question she has recognized the problem.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
BELIEVE : "A word which links to spiritual feelings"
BLOODSTREAM : "Blood often links to ideas of great meaning - things that are in our blood."
CATHEDRAL : "Cathedrals often link to our own beliefs - ideas which generate great belief and meaning inside our lives. "
HEAL : "More words which link to spiritual feelings"
SPECIALLY INVITED BISHOP: "The dream is seeking something new and different"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I am searching for something new. I feel empty right now. I feel truly blessed but I am seeking a true sense of meaning. "

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