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Family cut up by killers dream

Dreams can portray quite sophisticated thought processes. This dream features crazed killers and the dream could express the thought "My boyfriend does not take my dislike of his parents seriously. He thinks I exxagerate how bad they are - portraying them as crazy killers."

THE DREAM I'm in this old run down house and my boyfriend and his family have turned into these wierd frenzied killers, murdering various members of my family by cutting them up and placing them in garbage bags. I am running around looking for phones to call the police and when I finally find one of my aunt's mobiles I hide in a corner to phone the police. I tell the police what's happening and to come straight away but they just laugh and say I am making it all up. While my boyfriend and family don't hurt me they are keeping me captive and making me watch them hack my family up. I finally escape the house and go to a cafe and use a phone in their kitchen to call the police again and tell them it is real and give them the address. They say they will send someone but they never turn up. Eventually my family are completely cut up and are sitting out the front of the house in bags. I go back to the house but it is empty now.

THE REALITY The dreamer was uncomfortable around her boyfriends family - they tend to have different values. The dreamer also found it difficult to talk to her boyfriend about this as he frequently dismisses her worries and says that she is "crazy". She consequently tends to bottle up feelings as she does not want to offend anyone. She did not like coming into contact with his family. She did not want to stop her boyfriend seeing his family but often tried to avoid coming into contact with them herself and kept coming up with excuses.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer does have strong issues with her boyfriends family. So its worth taking this as the starting point for the dream . The dream may link to some thoughts about the family.

The one part that really helps link the dream with reality is the polices attitude. They laugh off her fears. That has a direct link to reality. The police represnt the dreamers belief that her boyfriends family are breaking laws and conventions about what is acceptable behavior. She wishes to stop this. Yet she also feels as if the police are laughing at her. This links directly to the dreamers belief that her boyfriend laughs off her own objections to his family. He says that she is "crazy". So she feels her complaint is not being taken seriously.

In the dream the family are behaving like mad crazed killers. That represents the dreamers own vision of them being a family from hell.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIENDS FAMILY ARE KILLERS : "the dreamer believes her boyfriends family are unbelievably bad and this is represented in the dream by their terrible behavior "
POLICE : "The dreamer dislikes her boyfriends family and feels that they violate conventions of behavior. They are therefore crossing her own personal boundaries and this needs to be stopped in order to restore order"
POLICE LAUGH OFF COMPLAINT : "the dreamer goes to her boyfriend to help discuss her issues with his family but she is not atken seriously by him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate being around my boyfriends family. I do not like the way that they behave and am not willing to be around such people. I just dreamd being around them and make up excuses for not going. I do not like to offend so tend to bottle this all up. My boyfriend just laughs at me though. I know he thinks they are not that bad. He thinks I exaggerate things and make them sound as if they are mad and crazy killers."

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