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Bleeding nightmare

The pool of blood in this dream was a metaphor for the dreamers very depressed state

THE DREAM I have very vivid dreams. Always had. It makes falling dreams very real and I have woken up with a racing heart. Anyway, last night I had this dream that I was woken up by my mother and she turned white as a ghost because she saw that I was in a pool of my own blood. Something felt funny on my back, it felt like water was hitting it, but that was the blood just gushing out. My mother took my shirt off, and she wouldn't tell me where exactly the blood was coming from or how big this wound was. She called the ambulance and she said that they were on their way. I remember being so weak, but I wanted to get out of bed. so I fell onto the ground, and tried to drag myself out of my room to the bathroom. I passed out, a bigger puddle of blood by the entrance of my door. For some reason, the bleeding stops, and crI feel fine. My mother somehow got a hold of the ambulance and told them that I'm okay and that I don't need to go to the hospital. I become conscious, and the first thing I try to do is try and text my good friend who is a great distance away. I met him online and I would consider him a brother since I've known him for three years. For some reason I tried to send him a picture of the puddle of blood, and I try to describe to him how I felt when I was bleeding for so long. The picture didn't send, because at this point I was bleeding again and I went unconscious. My mother called the ambulance again, and they finally arrive. There was a man and a woman. They weren't in uniform, and the woman begged for the man to go outside with her and smoke a joint with her. My mother told them they could smoke inside, and they smoke right where I am. Unconscious on the floor by the stairs. Then my mother sees me twitching, and she claims that I am faking being unconscious. Then, the man, the woman and my mother hang me over the banister of the staircase and I fall down. I wake up, and the room is in that creepy negative tone that you'd see on film. I tried to read something on the wall, but somehow I became dyslexic. I was terrified at this point, and the bleeding was getting worse. I woke up, freaking out and I was afraid to go back to sleep. Probably the strangest, and most terrifying dream that I've ever had. I would appreciate if someone who knows a thing or two about dreams could help me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Many things have been going on in my life. For one thing, I'm still trying to deal with the death of my father who was killed in May. I've been put on medication for my thyroid which has caused me to feel depressed and down all the time, and I'm going to therapy for some emotional issues that I've had since I was young. I have strong feelings for someone that I've known but I know that I can't be with him for several reasons. Just been under a lot of stress lately.

Posted at October 22, 2011, 21:06 by Ellybear (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 23, 2011, 05: 7: 22) Sometimes blood can represent emotional pain. In part of the dream you are trying to fake being unconscious. When people fake injuries its often a cry for help. It shows that you are feeling emotionally unhappy but you have no one to turn to. Emotionally you wish to turn to this man you know but you know its not possible. Dreams just really tell you how you feel. It just means you feel a little under the weather right now emotionally. Try not to worry about the dream too much. Its not likely to foretell something bad

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