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Family of whales - dream interpretation

Some dreams can link to reality in remarkable ways. The two whales and four baby whales were symbols of the dreamer and a potential partner (with the four baby whales symbols of their four children). She had been thinking about this potential partner the night before.

THE DREAM I had a dream of 6 killer whales in a Sea World type aquarium setting. Two whales were adults, 4 were babies. The two were up on the "stage" with their babies and they were very proud of them. I was able to reach over and pet them all. They were very happy to be petted and one of the adults even rolled over while I was petting him/her so I could rub the other side.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had a conversation with a friend. Her friend brought up an argument with someone in his life and during the conversation he was clearly tensed up and he was shaking. She pointed this out to him. The dreamer was closely connected to this friend for a long time and she wished to develop this relationship possibly into a romance. In real life they both have two children. The dreamer had also been working on opening herself up to trust herself, trust her intuition and gain a connection with her Higher Power. This is a journey she has been on for over a year now.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams link to important moments from the day before. The day before this dream the dreamer had one such moment. Always try to see how such an intuitive moment fits the dream symbols. This dream features a moment when the dreamer touches a whale. This could quite easily mirror the moment the day before when the dreamer pointed out her friends tenseness.

Whales are quite often linked to calmness. This could quite easily symbolize the dreamers attempts to calm down her friend. The whales may also capture her own journey to develop her own intuitions. This had been a year long journey. Lots of symbols like whales may appear in her dreams to symbolize this journey.

Its also interesting to note the number of whales. There are 6 whales in all - two adults and four children. That seems to correspond to the dreamer and her friend and their four children. They appear as a family because she wishes to develop the relationship in a romantic way sometime in the future.

Symbolic Meanings
WHALES : "the dreamers own spiritual journey and her attempts to calm down her friend the previous day"
FAMILY OF WHALES : "The two adult whales and four children correspond to the dreamer and her friend and his two children and her two children. The hope perhaps that they would become a family some time"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do care for my friend and sometime I wish to develop the relationship romantically. Yesterday I saw him really tensed up and pointed it out. I hope it helped him calm down."

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