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Hugs from ex boyfriend - premonition

Quite often your dream puts forward an opposite point of view. This is maybe because your mind focuses on your fears that you have made a mistake. You are concentrating on any doubts that you have. This does not mean that you did the wrong thing. Immediately after making a decision you ask yourself "Did I do the right thing?"

THE DREAM I wasn't expecting to feel like I did in this dream. I had decided to say bye to this guy in real life. In the dream, he arrives at my workplace, which he has never done in real life. He is wearing a red t-shirt, not a colour he normally wears, but also a non-threatening red, more like a strawberries and cream. (He would also wear T shirts as a norm.) I open the door, expecting rejection, dear John letter type conversation (feelings from real life) when he gives me a huge hug, the 'won't-let-you-go' sort. He comforts me when I say I am so tired (meaning physically as I work night shifts). He then gives me a handful of bank notes, which I count and find there is a lot of money there. He does not in real life owe me any money and I am in fact flat broke, so it can't realistically reflect him sharing wealth. At this point, I am awakened in real life by a phone call.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had just split up with the man in the dream. Since the split he had been chasing her lots by text all of which she ignored. She was preparing to tell him it was all over but then felt surprised by the affection he showed. The dreamer was very consciously trying to cut him out of her life.

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1. HUG. The dreamers ex is being affectionate rather than he usual self. He would not normally show affection and was more likely to be cruel. Perhaps the dreamer was seeing something in his behaviour since they broke up. The text messages showing his vulnerable side and wish to get back together.
2. GIVES MONEY. The dreamers ex would normally be short of money and if he had it then he would be most unlikely to give any away. Giving money in this sense just adds to the general mood of the dream. He is 'giving' rather than 'taking'. Normally he would be a 'take take' type of person.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers decision to break with her ex. The dream deals with the following themes
- her boyfriend
- showing more affection and a vulnerable side

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I am determined to break up with him. He has been sending me text messages. I am a bit surprised at his persistence. Maybe that shows a more vulnerable and affectionate side."

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