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Psychic world - dream symbolism

THE DREAM - The dream was very supernatural. It felt very other worldly. I was intently studying things though - looking at the layout of things, noticing little things and analyzing. I felt as if psychic things were occurring. It was all very vivid.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been watching a program on aliens. It had captivated him - her had been watching similar things recently.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams are triggered by recent events and feelings so if you can think of anything that vaguely relates to the dream then its likely that the two are connected. In this case the dreamer had been captivated by watching programs about aliens the night before and just recently. The dream was not about aliens but it did tap into similar emotions and subjects. Psychic matters and aliens both are subjects of the supernatural. So the mind uses one subject to represent something similar.

So what did the dream mean? The dreamer mentions that she was watching intently what was happening - analyzing things in detail. This seems to hint at a key part of the dreamers interest in this subject - she wanted to remain skeptical and analyse the subject with an open mind.

Symbolic Meanings
PSYCHIC : "I have been captivated by my interest in the supernatural - I was watching a video last night about aliens"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been watching programs about aliens recently. This whole thing has fascinated me. I am really studying this intently - its very interesting"

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