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Dream interpretation - plane will not take off

Dreams are not just about the facts of life - quite often they reflect the thoughts that are floating around our heads. Dreams are about our emotions - what we think may happen and what we would like to happen.

THE DREAM I keep having dreams about being in an aircraft as a passenger. We never crash but the plane never seems to take off. Only once has the plane taken off. In that dream it featured a man whom I admire a great deal. The sky was completely dark. My gut reaction was that the plane was made out of brick and wouldn't fly very far.

THE REALITY The dreamer strongly admired a man in her life. Recently his career had taken a downturn. But she was convinced that he had a plan and would revive his career. She did not know how he was intending to do this but she was convinced in him as a person.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The most recent dream of these featured a man whom the dreamer admired a great deal. In real life she was unsure how he would revive his career. The plane taking off stands for the belief that his career would take off again. Yet the darkness and ultimate crash links to how this was not happening in practice.

In truth we often have lots of air plane dreams. So this dream is just one of many. Its not a recurring dream its just a recurring symbol. Air planes symbolise projects and priorities we wish to promote. They represent plans that we want to get off the ground very quickly. In this case its a dream related to someone else in particular. But its likely that most of these dreams dealt with different issues.

The conclusion is that this dreamer is constantly hoping for some improvement in her life but the lack of take off shows that her hopes and plans never really come to fruition. She invests lots of emotions but tends to fail.

Symbolic Meanings
AIRPLANE : "Hopes and priorities which we hope will take off in the near future"
DARK : "not knowing what is happening"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "There is a man whom I admire a great deal. He recently resigned from his job. I cannot understand this. I am sure that he will come back and reestablish himself."

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