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Gangster murder dream

Dreams symbols are not important by themselves. Instead they may tap into important emotions and situations that we associate with them. This "gangster dream" was actually about "competitive rivalry" and "ruthlessness" which had featured in the dreamers thinking the night before.

THE DREAM This was a gangster dream. The story seemed to be that it was OK to to do gangster type things. I was killing someone and getting rid of the body. However, it was not considered right and proper to burn the body. A gangster would most likely burn the body to get rid of evidence. Yet here I was being 'taught' (do not know by whom or why) to behave properly. It was proper to allow the body to be recovered so that the the widow could bury the body.

Quite often the mind is quite settled and in such cases we will devote time and energy in the mind into thinking about things generally considered quite trivial. In this case the dreamer had been thinking about a TV reality show. In the episode he saw the night before he had seen some bitter rivalries. But then teams were switched round and this made really interesting viewing. The enemies were now team mates. One person who had been a really bitter rival was eliminated because no one wanted to choose him. If he had behaved in a proper manner playing fairly then he would have survived

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The dream has the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. Gangster. A gangster is someone who behaves ruthlessly and will do anything to win. This was a relevant theme as far as this TV program was concerned. The TV show had featured some very ruthless behavior
2. Widow. A widow is someone you should show respect to and allow them time to grieve for their loss. In this sense is may be relevant to the real life situation. The losers of a TV reality show should be given time and treated respectfully if they lost.
3. Right and proper. The right and proper way of doing things and showing respect were very definite themes in the TV show. Those who had won immediately had to team up with people who they had humiliated and mistreated. One person who did not show respect got booted off the show just after this 'win'.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is fair to assume that the dream is about the dreamers thoughts about this TV reality program. The dream seems

to deal with the following themes:
- Behaving ruthlessly
- Being fair
- Showing respect for others

If we weave together these symbols we find that they build up the following thought process - "That TV show last night made me really think. They were really becoming bitter rivals. But then they swapped the teams round. One guy was not picked and so got eliminated. He had been behaving very ruthlessly and was not treating people with respect"

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