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Dream interpretation - hollow tree

This dream uses a speedometer as a symbol of speed and this linked to the dreamer liking a fast paced life because she had lots of energy to burn up.

THE DREAM I was riding my bike up Charles page boulevard. a road that leads to my house. It passes an industrial zone, a prison facility, and a park. In the dream it had a lot of stop lights and heavy traffic, while it is not very busy in real life. It looked more like riverside drive, another road near my house that runs along the Arkansas river, but no river in the dream. Just the sewage ditch.

The road is very long in my dream, and the speed limit is 50 or 60 mph (40 in real life). I had a speedometer on my bike and was tearing up the road at 50-60 mph, trying to keep my speed up. There were guys on bikes following me, and I felt I was kind of leading them. I wanted to be a good cyclist, make a good impression, etc. there were also cars and stop lights. After having to stop at one stop light I felt annoyed with them. So at the next one I rode my bike up on the side walk and kept going over the grass and park area, and side walk when I could find it. I thought the people behind me would be impressed.

I rode up to a dark concrete patch where some kids were playing basketball. The entire place was overshadowed by this big ugly tree with empty branches like a canopy a few feet overhead. In the rest of the dream there was green grass and green leafy trees, it Isn't really fall here yet, so this tree looked quite dead in contrast to everything else.

Well, the kids were trying to play with their basketballs, but every time one bounced too high or was tossed in the air it would be caught in the branches of the trees and it was a nuisance getting them back.

I went up to the tree. There was this creepy old guy with a scraggly beard and tattered clothes there. He held open some sheets that were like a curtain in the doorway of the tree trunk (a very thick tree trunk, like 20 feet wide). I stepped inside the tree. It was completely hollow and had been made into a room. There were wooden slats on the walls, but I could see light creeping through them and through the bark of the tree from the outside. This terrified me, and I guess I felt bad for the tree. I said something about a huge fix-up job. But then I was also terrified of the tree. It was completely dark inside, except for the light from the little slats and holes. I left the tree through another doorway in its side and rode my bike home. All the way I was terrified. I thought the tree would chase me or I would find myself back inside that darkness. But then I was home (or what was supposed to be home), and my house was all beautiful inside and I started feeling safe and woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking a lot about work. She enjoyed the pace of it as it helps her burn up energy which may be directed in some other more negative fashion. But there are some aspects of her work that she dislikes such as her boss who tends to scare her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bikes are often symbols of a very personal course. So its worthwhile asking the dreamer where in life they feel they maybe rather isolated and have to forge their own course. At work the dreamer feels as if she has little in common with the people she works with. They all tend to have huge inferiority complexes whilst she seems to be exactly the opposite. The job was her idea and not the idea of her parents who felt she was capable of something much better.

The obsession with speed also rings true with the dreamer. She is always busy at work and always finding things to do. The dreamer also mentioned a co-worker who she had to look after. This girl was very good at standing around doing nothing. The dreamer felt that there was not much point telling her there were many things she could be doing as she did not pay attention to things that she had been told before that. But the whole obsession with speed really sums up the dreamer. She feels that keeping yourself busy is a good thing. So that's maybe why she feels that the speed limit should be increased.

If the dream is about work then the tree would definitely link to her boss. She describes him as a huge fix-up job. Her emotions towards the tree match those she has for her manager. She feels sorry for him but is also terrified.

Dreams often help us put things in perspective. This dream maybe shows that the dreamer feels work helps her to burn off energy and provides her routine. She is very work conscious but at the same time their is precious little about work that she likes other than that. She does not connect with any of the other staff and finds the boss difficult.

In the dream she is riding home. That could either mean that she is glad to get home after work or that she is attempting to become more at home with work. She is trying to find a pace of work that suits her and relationships with co-workers that allow her to fit in more.

Symbolic Meanings
BIKE : "an intensely personal course - having to struggle without much help from others - the dreamer feels isolated at work and has nothing in common"
HOUSE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE : "the dreamers own personality - she feels happy inside herself"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior"
PRISON : "the dreamer feels trapped in her job"
SEWAGE : "the possibility that unwanted emotions spill out in an out of control way"
TRAFFIC : "personality clashes and conflicts with other people - conflicting emotions and thoughts in some situation"
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - the meaning and importance of work"
TREE IS HOLLOW : "the relationships she has at work are hollow and lacking any real meaning"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not been enjoying work recently. I do enjoy it as a rule because it helps me burn my energies up. But I am not getting along with the other staff. I do not have anything in common with any of them."

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