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Birds in a big sectioned cage

A dream of birds flying a cage was a metaphor for the dreamers own flight from her marriage and abandonment of her daughter. Trying to get the bird back in the cage was symbolic of her wish to have shown more responsibility

DREAM - Birds in a big sectioned cage I was stood in what I can only describe as a temple of some sort with white columns you would expect to see in Greece or Rome. I approached a gold birdcage filled with so many colourful birds, all very colourful (mainly yellow, orange and green) the birds where small birds around the size of canaries/love birds. There where also tiny versions of these birds that I took as being baby birds. On the right side of the cage was a section where a crow just pitched and stated at me. The main section containing the colourful birds somehow opened and allowed the colourful birds to flap about and hover outside the cage, I tried to replace the birds back into the cage, I succeeded but remember the birds vibrating between my fingers while they flapped about. Once I had replaced the birds another cage came to my attention. Within this cage was a larger colourful bird, I had the feeling this bird was quite nasty but I approached it anyway. I knew I should be wary of this bird but was not afraid when he too escaped, the bird allowed me to hold it and find somewhere to let it go, allowing me to stroke it. I found some steps leading down from the temple that had water flowing down them. I placed the bird on the top step, in the raised corner that I presume a statue or plant pot should go and the bird stayed where I place it and never attempted to fly away.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:My lack of maternal feelings towards my daughter and the relationship and home I have walked away from.


A bird flying away from the cage is an excellent metaphor for your situation. Notice that some of the birds are baby birds (which touches on your maternal feelings). Another bird is the male bird (which could stand for your partner). They do not fly away even when given the opportunity.

The dream seems vivid and fantastic (set in Greece). This builds up the feelings of a happy scene - the dream is stating that YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY. That your family and partner do not run away (like you). So it excellently portrays your own self analysis

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