Spiders eggs and birds nest - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamed that I was going for a walk to take a break from moving. I came to what looked like a birds nest and in it were hundreds to even thousands of spider eggs. I got to the nest just as the mother spider had finished laying the last of them and almost immediately they began to hatch and there were hundreds of these baby spiders crawling everywhere and the eggs kept on hatching. Even though the baby spiders were crawling all over the place and it seemed chaotic, the mother spider calmly kept them in the nest somehow.

The dreamer has a very dominant mother. In fact the whole family is very dominant. The dreamer has a difficulty being independent. She has her own ideas and wishes to send a message to her family to stop interfering with her life.

The dream features a spider. Often spiders are seen as symbolic of circumstances where we feel trapped. The spiders web is symbolic of something that you cannot get away from - it entangles you. In this case the dreamer did have to struggle against her family who all tried to influence her and keep her in check. In particular she has a mother who tries to instil the importance of family.

Recently the dreamer has been trying to send some messages out. To suggest that her family backs off and allows her to get on with things in her own way. Clearly as she is moving in the dream she is undergoing change in her life.

In this case the mother spider is mentioned and may even symbolise her own mother. One symbol of importance is the birds nest. Birds can symbolise communication. The land in dreams symbolises the facts about our life. But the birds fly through the air which symbolises change and the ability and freedom to change. They symbolise ideas and proposals about the future. So maybe the birds nest symbolises the dreamers own attempts to communicate her own feelings and wish to change. The infestation of this with spiders eggs symbolises her mothers attempts to resist her own attempts at independence.

Symbolic Meanings
BIRDS NEST : "communication and a wish to fly freely"
MOVING : "The dreamer is in a period of transition"
SPIDER : "Stuck in circumstances - the dreamers own dominant family"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mother is quite dominant and will not allow me to run my own life. My brothers are almost as bad".

See how the dream represents specific new feelings about the dreamers mother.

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