Snake chasing me dream

The snake in this dream deals with the problems in the dreamers lives and the fears asssociated with them.

DREAM - snake chasing me I had a dream a snake was chasing me. I was running miles from it outside. it was like each step I took the evil snake moved much faster. I kept looking back in fear running as fast as I can knowing I would trip if I wouldn't pay attention to where I was going, but I was too scared of this snake trying to kill me. I knew it was evil, because all it brought me was all this fear decaying inside me. As I awoke, I felt like crying, believing my dream could have been real.

This dream was posted on on the November 13, 2012, 16:02 by Selena Dee. It was viewed 7 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:During a real life situation I was afraid to overcome an obstacle in life thinking it was bigger than me. I had no hope. Nothing but fear.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well in real life you had no hope - and in the dream you had nothing but fear. Its simply replayed your fear in real life over something very specific at the time of the dream.
COMMENT wow I literally got the goosebumps reading this, I hope your okay Selena.

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