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Explosions in mansion dream interpretation

A dream about lollipops and gift shops took place as the dreamer was trying to be nice to people. Lollipops and gifts have clear associations with being nice.

THE DREAM I was in this mansion. I thought it was mine. There were lots of people inside. Many of which I had never seen before. They were many different ages, but a lot of young people my age. Some of them reminded me of people I meet in wal-mart.

The basement of this mansion was scheduled to be destroyed. There was a contract worker setting up the explosive device. There was a protective door shielding the basement from the rest of the house for when the explosion happened. Everyone was leaving the basement for the 1st floor. I had to help make sure everyone was out. I remember getting babies and handing them to people on the 1st floor to look after. Then me and this other guy ran through the basement calling out to make sure no one was left. Time on the explosive was running out at this point. We climbed up a long shaft to leave the basement, Then We locked the blast door behind us.

In the 1st floor waiting room were a lot of young people - especially young cute guys and pretty girls. I sat next to one of the guys for a while but then he disappeared and I didn't much like the other guys so I went and sat with the girls. One guy came up to me and asked if I liked one of the other guys he thought I was looking at. I didn't know who he was talking about and said no.

So after waiting a while we opened the door and the guy outside said the explosion was a no-go. They had to reset it, so I heard the computer saying "t minus 10". and I shut the door and said it was going to go off in 10 minutes ( I wasn't thinking very hard, and it went off in 10 seconds). we all felt & heard the explosion. The room shook a bit and then it was over. I got to go outside with my dad and see the outside of the mansion. It was big and had rounded roofs.

My dad stopped at one point and the mansion was a hospital and had a gift shop. We went inside. Then on the way out was a sort of breakfast line where we grabbed some weird food. I grabbed a lot of sweet lollipop type things and some little egg-rolls.

In some other random part of this dream I gave this pastor guy some money to give to people who had birthdays. I gave him like $25 for one person and said I would give him $25 for the other person. I thought this would really make them happy for their birthday. The pastor was surprised that I was giving money. Then I was sitting around with my Mom and this pastor (I didn't recognize him, now that I think about it, but he was familiar). I pulled out my wallet and counted my money. I had a $100 bill and some smaller bills. He and my mom again seemed surprised that I had that much money.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been trying to be nicer to people at work. But she had had a cold and was having difficulty even talking to people. She was especially trying to be nice to one guy who seemed to be at a difficult point in his life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The mansion is a good point to start this dream . Mansions are symbols of the self but its not quite as simple as that. Mansions and other large buildings are symbols of yourself in the wider world. One issue for the dreamer which involved other people and the wider world was how she wished to get on better with other people at work.

There does seem to be several connections which may link to this issue. In the dream there were several people who reminded her of people from work. That is not by chance. Often a link to work will show the dream is about some work issue.

Another good link was the basement. In the dream the basement is to be blown up. In dream basements link to grudges and bad feelings. It is about bad and hidden feelings. So the blowing up of the basement is about getting rid of her own bad feelings and trying to get along with people better.

The young people who look cute are perhaps symbols of a wish to appeal more cool and cute. To make people feel good about themselves.

The dreamer mentioned one person in particular whom she was trying to be nice to. Hospitals often symbolise hurt feelings and injured emotions. Perhaps visiting the hospital shows she is addressing and taking into account these feelings.

Gifts in dream are not usually about birthdays. They are more about being nice to someone. They show that you are making a special effort. Perhaps the way on which the explosion goes off too quickly shows that she has overdone this. If you attempt to be something that you are not. If you try to show someone a new side of you often that can be overdone. Indeed parents are symbols of caution and sensible judgement. So perhaps she is being sensible. If you try to show someone how much you feel and wish to console them and make them feel good about themselves then it is sometimes condescending.

And one thing to consider is. If you are feeling down with a cold that you cannot shake off then going around trying to spread joy and happiness is not easy. You are more likely to depress people. So perhaps the surpise shown at the dreamer when she gives vast amounts of money away links to the fact that she has not got all that much to feel happy about at that time as she is laden down with a cold.

Symbolic Meanings
BASEMENT : "the dreamers own negative image and her wish to improve it"
EXPLOSION : "the dreamers own tendency to explode and lose her temper"
GIFT : "something that makes you or other people proud about your behaviour"
LOCKED : "trying to lock out feelings - the dreamer is trying not to be negative"
MANSION : "the dreamers own personality and the wider world influences which interact with this"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present"
WALLET : "having the resources or the ability to do something if you wished"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I wanted to be nice to people at work. But it was so hard as its hard trying to be nice because I have got a cold at the moment. I cannot make anyone feel good with a stuffed up nose."

See how the symbolic meanings link together to build a complex thought process

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