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At old house where I have no right to be there - dream interpretation

Dreams are in the here and now. Even when you have dreams about traumas from your past it will be about how you feel about those difficult times now

THE DREAM I was at the Halls of Residence at the college I attended years ago. I had sneaked into my flat. I then realised that I no longer had the keys and should not be there. I then revisit the place in daytime. It feels dark and unhappy.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not enjoyed college and suffered a serious trauma there.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been seriously traumatized by her time at college. If we revisit a place in a dream it means that we are revisiting the memories. In some way they are relevant to the present time. In this case the dreamer is starting to deal with some serious traumatic memories which took place at this College. She recognises that she has no right to the keys and no right to be there. Perhaps she is starting to deal with the bad memories and is starting to move on. She certainly felt stronger just recently and was in a much more healthier state of mind that she had been for some time.

Symbolic Meanings
COLLEGE : " The symbol is literal - its about these memories"
KEYS : " As long as the dreamer has the keys she feels attached to this place - be it for bad reasons or good."
NO RIGHT TO BE THERE : " The dreamer realises that she must begin to move on from bad experiences in the past"
REVISITING : " The dreamer is revisiting the memories that she had at college. Dwelling on past problems and traumas which took place there. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a seriously bad time in college. I suffered a serious trauma there. I guess my emotional state is much healthier right now. I am starting to deal with these problems. ".

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