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Surviving fall - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was in some large room in something like a college. There was a network which everyone was logged into. The password was being changed. I was not supposed to know the password but I did.

I then was caught in some sort of hole in the ground. Below there were the foundations of some kind of building. People had fallen through this. A large number of them were suspended. I was in danger of dying. But I figured that if the people below would fall then I would be able to land on them. I could land on the pile of men there. I did this and climbed down the pile of men.

THE REALITY The dreamer was unwilling to accept that a man she was attracted to did not want a relationship with her. Just recently she had tried to develop what she believed was a psychic relationship with him. She had cut herself off from him the day before but she was convinced that there was still this psychic connection between them and eventually he would come round.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often link to the day before. The day before this dream the dreamer did have a big emotional setback as a man she was attracted to cut himself off from her. She felt she was in for a big emotional shock to her system. The big fall which she survives undoubtedly represents this big shock.

Yet the dreamer was determined to overcome this big shock. She felt this psychic connection with him would override any negative feelings. This psychic connection was represented by the computer network she had plugged into. There was something forbidden about this as she was not allowed to. This is represented in the dream by her tapping into a network she was not supposed to be in.

Symbolic Meanings
SURVIVE DANGEROUS FALL : "Overcome the emotional fall she felt would happen when this man she was attracted to "
NETWORK : "The dreamer was trying to establish a psychic connection with the man she was attracted to and wanted to secretly control him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "He did ignore me but I can overcome this by establishing a secret psychic connection with him."

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