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Dream symbolism - Mrs Shock

Dreams use synonyms. In this dream a teacher called "Mrs Shock" appeared. She was merely in the dream to express peoples shock at how the dreamer had been behaving.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was in my third grade classroom and I had the blue bong in my desk. I was trying to hide it so Mrs. Shock wouldn't see it. I was certain that she would because of the hole in the other side of the book place. I don't know why I had a butter bowl or a vase of flowers in my desk. But I was eight years old. I didn't even know what a bong was. I had a vague idea about the origins of babies. I knew the bong would get me into trouble if they found it, though. Strange. (The butter bowl was from the first grade. The one I kept my modelling clay in.)

THE REALITY The dream took place in the wild phase of this dreamers life. She was smoking pot and having sex. This was totally unacceptable behavior in the community she lived in.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The teacher Mrs. Shock is the most obvious of synonyms. It clearly links to something that is shocking. The dreamer had started to behave in a shocking way and as a girl who had been thought of as very straight laced and goody two shoes this was a major transformation.

Quite often when we start to behave in a very new way there are remnants of our behavior and attitudes. We may act in a wild way when with our friends. Yet when we meet family and other people within a close community we may revert back to old styles of behavior.

Quite often when we start a sexual relationship it is obvious to intuitive people that the relationship has become sexual. There are obvious signals. This is what this dream is probably relating to. After all the dream was about something that was obvious and yet the dreamer was trying to hide this.

As an old dream there is no very clear link to some incident as dreamers diary does not mention this. But this would have been a recurring theme over a period of weeks or months as the dreamer starts to show new behavior. It may link to other people and their shock at the dreamers behavior. It may link also to the innocent schoolgirl inside the dreamer. On the outside she is behaving in a very sexual manner. Yet she may also be still very shy and also trying to hide her nature.

As an old dream the specific trigger is forgotten for this dream. But it will also certainly be a dream about the themes mentioned. But most dreams have as a trigger incidents from the day before. So once the basic themes of the dream are understood its good to go back and see what specific links to real life there were from the day before the dream. In most cases dreams are about feelings that are newly felt. They are about fresh feelings. So compare the message form the dream to real life. The dream may also have been a premonition in which case it is will link to freshly felt emotions probably from the very day of the dream. Of course we will have themes running through our lives and long term issues. But we will generally only dream about new feelings.

The dream is a school dream and so shows that she is learning a lesson in life. If she starts to act in a shocking way then she is going to have to deal with peoples reactions. The dream probably links specifically to sexual activity. The flowers are also symbols of her blossoming sexual nature.

Indeed the very word bong is a very sexual sounding word.

Symbolic Meanings
FLOWER : "beautiful growth within your life - something is starting to work - success"
HIDE : "hiding something embarrassing - the dreamer has been trying to hide her own outrageous tendencies"
MRS. SHOCK : "the dreamer is coming to terms with her own shocking behavior and sexual promiscuity"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just started becoming sexually active. I am happy to be outrageous in front of my friends yet sometimes its embarrassing if I get caught out by more conservative minded people."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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