Dream symbolism - Christmas

Quite often a dream will place us in certain situations. The emotions we feel and the success and failures we have in these situations help us explore our feelings - in this case the dreamer was exploring feelings like "I am feeling old".

THE DREAM - It was Christmas in the dream. It began at my childhood home. I then started to go into town with my sisters. In real life I really don't like Christmas gatherings and large groups of people. In the dream I said "I might as well just leave" or something like that. I was virtually saying I did not want to be in this party atmosphere. On the way into town my sister (who was driving) swerved to avoid a car. She said 'what's that all about'. I said that she was driving on the wrong side of the road - she wasn't concentrating (she seems to be going the same way as me recently. We both seem to be feeling our ages.). In the dream I felt the types of nervousness that I get with family gatherings. I suffer from fears and phobias.

THE REALITY The dreamer did not like family gathering or any type of large group. He was not a party type of person. Recently he was increasingly tired and was starting to feel his age. His sister as well seemed to be losing her health. The dreamer was feeling that age was catching up with him along with his sister. He was trying to work out if recent illnesses were something that he could recover from or was age starting to catch up with him. He was looking for signs of ageing in people similar ages to him.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams will often be about recent changes in your life and recent events. In this case the dreamer tended not to like Christmas gatherings and any type of party gathering. So the dream could easily touch on that very obvious feeling. Just recently the dreamer had been feeling these fears a lot more. He was also feeling his age.

Symbolic Meanings
CHRISTMAS : "I really do not like large family gatherings or parties - I suffer from fears and phobias"
SISTER : "My sister seems to be suffering from similar illnesses to me. She is ageing as well"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I still suffer from these fears and phobias. I do not like large gatherings and parties. I also seem to be ageing as well. I am trying to understand how ageing affects people. My sister seems to be affected in a similar way - she seems to be losing the plot recently."

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