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Wonderful new house dream analysis

A dream with a beautiful house took place at a time when the dreamers sister had been trying to inspire. This beautiful house was symbolic of the fresh view her sister was giving her of her sistuation

THE DREAM - My sister was taking me down this road. At the end was this new house and she said it was my house. It was wonderful in every way...

THE REALITY The dreamers sister had been trying to boost her confidence - she wanted her to think in a completely new way.

DREAM ANALYSIS Houses in dreams can represent people. They can also represent an approach - they are constructions of the mind that we build up to make a coherent set of ideas. So a new house can symbolise a new way of thinking. The new way of thinking was associated with the dreamers sister - so that is why she is in the dream.

Symbolic Meanings
HOUSE : "how you feel about yourself - in this case the dreamers vision of how her life can be"
SISTER : "in this dream she symbolises herself and the part she is playing inspiring her sister"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sister has been inspiring me. She is showing me how my life can become. "

See how the symbolic meanings link to how the dreamer has been inspired by others recently

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