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Job application and seamstress dream analysis

Dreams help us reheares the challenges we face in real life.

THE DREAM - I was applying for a job. I was in this lady's office, she was some kind of seamstress. I was talking to her, but she didn't seem too impressed with me. I had filled out part of the application, but I guess not all of it. I told her I had a job until April, then she was like "oh you have a job" and she told me to sit down for an interview. There were 2 chairs there, but I went and got a shorter one. I sat there feeling nervous and doing the interview. Then I watched as 2 other people interviewed. Then there was this young guy standing there looking at me. I think he also wanted the job, so he didn't like me.

Then I was following my boss around this weird looking building. There were other people there and my boss was giving random orders and talking, I don't remember about what. Then she said we would be eating in the room with circle seating. I followed the people into a room with round chairs. Some were also arranged in a circle. Then all the people there were from my moms neighborhood association. They were electing someone for something and seemed happy about their choice.

Some guy brought the food in. there was fried chicken and a few other things. When I went up there I was a skeleton fighter from the RPG game I play (unpleasant looking skeleton thing). I got a little hot dog and something else. I was squeezed ketchup and mustard all over my 2 bite sized foods. And that was it. I didn't get a lunch break yesterday, so maybe I felt pretty starved.

THE REALITY The dreamer currently had a job but it was due to end in a couple of months. She stated that "I've been trying harder to be the type of person people want to hire. But job interviews make me nervous."

DREAM ANALYSIS This dream uses obvious word plays here - the RPG game is links to her own need to play a role. Very soon she realises her contract will be up and she needs to get another job. She realises that she needs to be more like the type of person an employer would like to give a job to - the type who would participate in her mothers Neighborhood Association. The Role Playing Game makes an appearance because she needs to play a role. She needed create an idealism representation of herself.

Symbolic Meanings
2 : "a choice between two clear options"
BOSS : "the dreamers thoughts about work and the need to find a job after her current contract runs out"
RPG : "playing a role - playing the role of an ideal employee"
SEAMSTRESS : "attention to detail"
SQUEEZED : "giving way to pressure - the dreamer feels pressure to act in a way not natural to her personality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My job will be ending soon. Its only a temporary contract. But I am scared about the future. I do not think I am the ideal person an employer would want. I need to fit into what they want. I know my weaknesses."

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