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Athletic climb - dream interpretation

A dream where the dreamer is athletic took place at a time of great confidence. The dream reflected these feelings of self belief

THE DREAM I am near my childhood home. I charge right up a grass bank which is very steep in a very athletic move - its all very easy. I then start to go down towards the beach. There appears to be an emergency down there. I then see this Spanish girl that I know very vaguely. She is attractive and I touch her in reassurance as she passes. She then touches this well built hunk guy in a similar fashion

THE REALITY The dreamer had faced criticism in real life. A woman he knew was asking for some help. He decided to print something off the Internet and considered that to be a great help to her. His help was lacking in the personal touch. At first he was very angry at this criticism and resented it. However, he realised that the way he had acted was rather unthinking. The woman believed that he would help people in a very personal and caring manner - not just rush something off the Internet.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well I think I should have offered a bit more personal help to her. I think she was depending on me"

DREAM INTERPRETATION Clearly in the dream the issue of "personal touch" comes up. The dreamer gently touches someone he likes and then that person touches somebody she likes. The dream also involves this issue of an emergency. So from that its possible to work out what the issue is about. The dreamer had realised that the issue a woman had raised with him was indeed of great importance. It needed to be dealt with in an immediate and very personal way. The dreamer had now realised that he had failed to do this.

The message was clear. The dreamer found this girl appealing yet she did not find him appealing. Perhaps he thought he was doing something that she would find attractive yet clearly what she felt was attractive was something entirely different instead.

Symbolic Meanings
ATTRACTIVE : "something that is appealing - the dreamers friend really wanted a little more help"
BANK : "someone or something you can rely on - his friend wanted to rely on him"
EMERGENCY : "urgent problems - the dreamer should have helped out with the friends emergency problem the day before"
FOREIGN : "an unfamiliar experience"
SIMILAR : "expecting people to treat you the way you treat them"
TOUCH : "the personal touch - the dreamer felt he should have offered the personal touch the day before"

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