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Intruder alert - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was caught unawares as some kind of intruder was coming in. I was changing at the time and was very embarrassed. I like my privacy and they just walked in.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was looking after his friends house and did not know when he was due back. The dreamer did like his privacy and not knowing when his friend might return was stressing him out. He was worried that his friend might turn up unexpected causing a scene. Whilst at his friends house he was living in his own way and part of him would see his friends return as "intrusive" particularly if it was unexpected.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer did like his privacy and this was a dream which seemed to tap into the following type of feelings "I do like my privacy. I am staying at my friends house and I would be freaked out if he returned home unexpectedly. I do not know his return date and it is stressing me out." The dream also taps into this awkward situation: The dreamer liked his privacy yet he was staying in someone elses house. If his friend returned he would not respect that privacy because the house was his.

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