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End of the world dream

DREAM - end of the world It was the end of the world and we were having to survive the best we could. I was at some point eating an apple. I knew that many people would die but as long as I was OK it was OK.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day before the dreamer was at a friends house. The dreamer was quite nervous and never liked to ask for food. He had been really hungry for a long time and at one point sneakily eat an apple. Later he was offered food. The dreamer felt a little weird for sneak eating an apple. He also felt a little weird for not asking when he needed to eat.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams are very much linked to the mind. The mind constantly looks at how well or badly we are doing. They notice little changes in our behaviour and make conclusions about our personality. If this dream is about the dreamers strange behaviour then the dreams meaning probably links to the question "Why did you simply not ask for food when you needed it?"

Dreams use associations. In real life the dreamer had eaten an apple in unusual circumstances the day before and in the dream he eats an apple whilst its the end of the world. Just the fact that the dream uses an apple hints that these two things might be connected.

Dreams sometimes create a storyline which factually has no relationship with reality. Yet the story might contain a message or moral which the dreamer can learn from. In some ways the story is making a clever point about reality. So what point is this dream making?

Why is the dream set at the end of the world? It may connect to the phrase "You would think it was the end of the world the way I eat that apple". Notice that the dream mentions the phrase "we were having to survive the best we could" and so it was maybe connected to that.

The dream does seem connected to this incident. It just goes to show how dreams are linked to the emotions that we feel. They are very much our own account of what has happened but from an emotional standpoint. The dreamers friend was probably totally unaware of what was going on in the dreamers mind. The dreamer was probably engaged in a conversation about this or that. However, he was probably thinking "I need to eat! I am nearly starving! I don't like to ask for food!" The dreamers mind seems to have pinpointed this key moment in the day and taken it as a defining moment as far as his personality was concerned. The dream probably just has this simple meaning "I was so hungry but could not mention that I was hungry. I could not simply say is it alright if I go out to get something to eat?" This dream simply captured this interesting moment. It noticed something in his own behaviour and logged it for future reference.

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