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Endless battle dream

One major cause of laughing dreams is linked to the fear of being ridiculed (that people are laughing at you)

THE DREAM - I had a dream where there seemed like the dreamer was facing some kind of endless battle. He felt like he was constantly being laughed at and made a joke of. It was a process of being relentlessly worn down.

THE REALITY The previous night just prior to going to sleep the dreamer had watched a film called "Longitude" which was based upon the real life story of John Harrison. He had won a prize in the 1700's to build a naval clock which gave the English navy the chance to navigate the seas easily. In doing so countless lives were saved. Yet in Harrison only received his prize by a special Act of Parliament. He had constantly been refused his prize by a Board composed of astronomers who denied he had achieved a practical solution to this problem of navigation of the seas. The dreamer was struck by how this man had been worn down by this relentless hostility and failure to recognise this man's unique achievement. The dreamer identified with this story which affected him just prior to falling asleep. He felt a similar sense of resentment and lack of recognition in life.

THE INTERPRETATION The emotions that we feel just prior to going to sleep are very important. If something is going through our minds it will trigger dreams.

The seemingly endless battle in the dream where the dreamer feels constantly laughed at mirrors the real life story which had so entranced him before going to sleep. The dreamer had lived at the story of John Harrison who battled so hard to achieve recognition.

When we feel strong emotions these will spill out into dreams. We live them through our dreams. The dream has a simple meaning in that it caught this feeling "I watched a film the night before about the naval clock maker John Harrison and it struck me how he fought to achieve recognition. He was constantly being ridiculed".

The dream captures this emotion of "being ridiculed" as being laughed at perfectly captures this feeling.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
WORN DOWN: In the dream the dreamer experienced a feeling of being relentlessly worn down. This mirrored a feeling the night before where the dreamer had relived the story of John Harrison and saw how he had spent a lifetime trying to gain recognition for his achievement in building a naval clock. The dreamer had understood John Harissons struggle and experienced an identical emotion during dreams.
BATTLE: In the dream the dream felt like he had been in a long hard battle. This was an excellent metaphor for his emotions just prior to sleeping where he had relived the story of John Harrison who battled to achieve recognition.

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